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Spring 2013 Writing Workshop

“Truth or Fiction” Writing Workshop in Bozeman
Local writer wrestles with the differences between literary memoir, fiction, and “based-on-true” stories

Bozeman, MT – On April 21, local ghostwriter and co-author Anika Hanisch will provide writing tips and structural strategies in a half-day workshop titled, Truth or Fiction: When Does Literary Memoir Cross the Line?  Today’s readers have the expectation that memoir will read as well as a novel.  So most memoir writers use fiction-craft techniques to pace and structure their stories.  How do you do that while staying truthful?  On the flip-side, what are the ethical ramifications when you publish a true story, but call it fiction to protect your privacy?  When should you tag your story as “based-on-true”?  Hanisch’s presentation will wrestle with all those issues.  There will also be time for group discussion and hands-on writing exercises.

The workshop will benefit beginner through intermediate writers of both fiction and creative non-fiction.  Hanisch will share structure and pacing techniques that are beneficial for stories of any length, from literary essays to books.

“Truth or Fiction” Writing Workshop
When: Sunday, April 21 – 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Where: Congregation Beth Shalom; 2010 West Koch St., Bozeman
Cost: $68.00; Registration due April 16.

Details and Registration: 406.581.9405 or Online

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