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“Host in Home” Format Makes Writing Workshops More Accessible

Host a Writing Workshop, Attend for FREE

(Bozeman, MT)  In March and April 2014, local writer Anika Hanisch is offering three writing workshops in a Host-in-Home format.  Any writer in the region may host a workshop in their home or at a local conference venue.  The host signs up at least five friends who are interested in writing and, in exchange, gets to attend the session for free.

These private workshops have a more intimate feel than Hanisch’s public classes.  “Participants are more willing  to share their work and ask questions that are directly relevant to their projects,” Hanisch said.  “It’s a great way for a group of friends to support each other and dedicate an afternoon to something really meaningful.”

Three popular classes will be available for this Spring’s Host-in-Home series:

Truth or Fiction: When Does Literary Memoir Cross the Line? — Discuss the boundaries of emotional truth; find out about situations where memoir is actually expected to fudge a little; and learn to discern when writing has turned entirely fictional.  Writing drills will provide skills directly applicable to your project.

The Nuts & Bolts of Completing a Book — Whether overwhelmed by starting or coping with  a mid-project slump, this session focuses on the practical tips that professional writers use to get their books done.  We’ll cover organization, book structures, edit and revise processes, time management, and feeding the creative brain.

Fiction Techniques for Non-Fiction Writers — This session benefits both memoir writers and those who use narrative stories to illustrate instructional writing.  Certain techniques borrowed from fiction craft can help non-fiction work come alive–while remaining loyal to telling the truth.

Contact Hanisch (406.581.9405 or Online) if you are interested in hosting or you wish to get on a participant wait list.

It’s like a kitchen gadgets party… only a teensy bit more meaningful

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