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Follow-up is Key: Half-off Coaching Session

(Bozeman, MT) In-between seasons are a great time to start or reinvigorate a book project.  With the weather often driving us indoors, it’s possible to spend hours producing first draft text or focus on serious revision work.  With that in mind, book coach Anika Hanisch is offering a coaching special for new authors this spring.

From February 1 through April 30, new coaching clients may purchase a a one- or two-hour session, and get a second session of equal length for half off.  “Follow-up is key with any creative project,” Hanisch said.  “But that’s especially the case with books.  Writing a book takes years, not months.  I like to meet with clients on a quarterly basis to make sure they’re keeping their momentum up and setting do-able goals.”

Introductory sessions are $92 or $156 each, and both the one- and two-hour options include review of up to 5000 words from the author’s work-in-progress.  Both sessions include:

  • Initial 10-minute call to discuss immediate and long-term coaching needs.
  • In-person (or phone) coaching session to address the author’s top three writing challenges—from literary techniques that would be useful in the writer’s excerpt, to organization and creative process.
  • Up to 15 minutes email and phone call follow-up.

The offer is valid for new coaching clients and those who have not had a coaching session for over a year.  The first coaching session must be scheduled by April 30, 2015.  The follow-up session needs to be scheduled no more than four months after the first session to qualify for the discount.

Contact Hanisch (406.581.9405 or email) if you want to learn more.