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What happens in a pitch session?

Writing conferences often provide opportunities to sign up for pitch sessions.  These are brief, timed, 5 to 10 minute meetings in which you get to share the elevator pitch regarding your finished manuscript.  Pitch sessions are often your best chance at actually capturing an agent’s attention–so much more effective than cold pitches via email.

But many new authors are unprepared for what they might be asked during the pitch session itself.  Published writer Lisa Katzenberger noted there are four zinger questions that can catch you off guard:

  1. Are you working on anything else?
  2. Who are your favorite authors?
  3. What kind of writer are you?
  4. Where did this story come from?

Katzenberger expounds on that list in a highly informative blog post at Writer’s Digest.  Take a look at it here:

4 Questions Agents Ask Writers at Pitch Sessions