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DSATA Book Signing on October 8th, Bozeman

Shortly after Country Bookshelf asked to carry Don’t Say Anything to Anybody, their event coordinator emailed and asked to host an Author Event on Sunday October 8th.  Brigitte is so excited about this!

Country Bookshelf is Montana’s largest independent book seller.  To get placed there and to get a signing scheduled so quickly is a big compliment.  It’s also a reflection of the grassroots efforts of local fans.  Big thanks to all of YOU– and to other supporters across the nation who have let us know about similar efforts in other communities.

See you on the 8th!

Grassroots Book Publicity Efforts Pay Off

Brigitte finally got invited to apply to have her memoir carried at Country Bookshelf, an award-winning independent books store in Bozeman, Mon090117-BookatCB-101_0818tana. The owner often takes up to 6 weeks to make a decision about carrying a self-published book.  In a town full of self-employed entrepreneurs, you can imagine she gets hundreds of requests every year.  Ariana got back to us in just two weeks.

When I spoke with one of the clerks there, the reason for the quick decision became apparent.  “There have been a LOT of people asking for Don’t Say Anything to Anybody,” she said.  “It’s time-consuming and not very profitable for us to special order it all the time.  I’m really glad we’ll be carrying this book now!”

This small but significant success is all because our local Bozeman fans kept stopping in and asking about DSATA.  It worked!  Yea for Author Advocates like you!  Thank you, thank you for all your effort and enthusiasm.

Let’s replicate this success in small town and indie book stores everywhere.  What’s your favorite bookstore?  Consider dropping off one of these mini flyers to encourage the store owner to carry DSATA.  Let them know they can always contact me for direct (cheaper) orders too:

Thanks again everyone!  Our next goal is to get on Country Bookshelf’s book signing schedule for our formal regional book launch this fall.  Stay tuned.