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Anika’s Writing Life
My work is a beautiful mix of research, collaboration, and writing in solitude–whether I’m coaching a new author on completing her first book, ghostwriting a community leader’s memoir, or interviewing an artist to write his craftsperson profile.  My writing projects feed and inform each other.

There is a dominant theme running through all my work: a call toward personal transformation and healthier living.  Sometimes it’s overt, perhaps a how-to article about nutrition, organic food, or green-building.  Sometimes it’s more implied, like when I wrote about a weaver in rural Montana who traveled to Africa to teach her income-generating skills to  women there.  Ultimately, the message is that there are ideas and people who have the power to leave the world a better place.

I consider my writing a form of portraiture.  Like light and pigment, words portray a person or scene in a way that evokes emotional response.  Hopefully the words draw the reader to make one gentle change—to slow life’s pace, to listen a little more closely, to live in gratitude.  The act of writing reminds me to do these things myself.

Location, Location
Juggling both my own creative work and writer-for-hire projects can result in some very busy days.  I am thankful the counter-weight for that busy-ness lies right outside my back door.  When I need a break, I head to the foothills, always with a small notepad and pen in my coat pocket… just in case.

I am place-sensitive as a writer.  Regardless of the topics and scope of my projects, I write my best from my office in the Gallatin Valley of Southwest Montana.  I might be in the middle of manuscript revision for a client in California, but a walk in the mountains here gives me the perspective I need to create my best work.


2016 – Provided final line editing for Troy Kechely’s new novel Lost Horse Park, coming 2017

2015 – Signed one-year agent representation contract with The Rudy Agency for Brigitte Yearman’s WWII memoir Don’t Say Anything to Anybodycoauthor BLOG launched at www.BrigitteYearman.com

2015 – Provided developmental editing for Troy Kechely’s new novel Lost Horse Park

2015 – World War II memoir co-authoring project (Don’t Say Anything to Anybody by Brigitte Yearman with Anika Hanisch) complete and off to agents

2014 – Began final revisions for major memoir co-authoring project; Historical fiction client Troy Kechely completes manuscript, Stranger’s Dance

2013 – Finishing research for major memoir co-authoring project; Coaching historical fiction and YA fiction clients

2012 – Began international research for major memoir co-authoring project; started first draft work on own fiction manuscript; grew book coaching services to include fiction

2011 – Stories Worth Telling memoir writing workshop series grew to three Montana locations; began offering the curriculum in private home gatherings

2010 – Launched the Stories Worth Telling memoir writing workshop series; took on first private client memoir ghostwriting projects; began providing non-fiction book coaching services

2009 – Published first personal narrative in national positive thinking magazine Guideposts

2008 – Completed first ghostwriting book manuscript

2007 – Taught first local course on press release writing through Prospera Women’s Business Network; several participants report getting local ink as a result of implementing tips

2005 – Carol Kriegel Nicholson offered representation in the natural products world; learned the ropes of ghostwriting for doctors, science summaries, health topic booklets, press releases, commercial and marketing copywriting

2005 – Phased out design clients and began writing full time; founded Spiritus Creative, LLC to showcase personal work and a growing network of editors and other writers

2003 – Moved to Bozeman and focused on growing my freelance writing; wrote for At Home, BALANCE, Montana Magazine, and several other local and regional publications

1996-2003 – Worked in commercial and non-profit communications and design in Minneapolis, Minnesota