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Don’t Say Anything to Anybody. (2017) Third Path Press; Bozeman, Montana.  304pp.  Ongoing memoir project 2011-2017.  Co-authored with Brigitte Yearman. 
Buy the Book & See Inside Chapter 1: at Amazon or by special order at any bookstore.  

How Does Brigitte’s Story Add to the Current Body of WWII Literature?  Guest post at:; June 23, 2016.

For the Love of Dogs and a Good Dog Story. Bozeman Magazine; February 2016; p. 8.

Ledger Art Renaissance Montana Quarterly; Summer 2014; pp. 48-53.
Profile-Excerpt-1of4 * Excerpt-2of4 * Excerpt-3of4 * Excerpt-4of4 (Large files; 5MB each)

Little House Under the Big Sky: Living Beautifully in Under 2,000 Square Feet. Distinctly Montana; Summer 2012; pp. 50-53.

Hidden Within: Turner home pairs ranch style with sustainable energy innovation on the Flying DAt Home; November 29, 2011; pp. 10-14.

Brick and Mortar Advantages: Round House owners celebrate 40th anniversary and reflect on facing new business challenges with old-fashioned customer service. Business to Business; October 18, 2011; pp. 6-7-11. (Cover Story)

Walking Distance: Local photographer’s home balances historic character with innovative LEED standardsAt Home; October 4, 2011; pp. 11-15. (Cover Story)

You Can’t Keep a Good Pastrami Down. Restaurant Profile in Distinctly Montana; Summer 2011; pp. 62-64. (Starky’s Feature – PDF version)

Stage Presence: How two theatre companies built artistic community and brought live performance to the rural West . Booklet, (c) 2011 Anika M. Hanisch.Spiritus Creative, LLC; Bozeman, Montana.
(NOTE: These are large files; 5-10 MB each)
Ben Tone Booklet – Part 1
Ben Tone Booklet – Part 2 

Happy Birthday Ben Tone! Local actor and mentor turns 90, recalls growth of Bozeman’s art communityBozeman Magazine; April 2011; p. 13. 

Interior Designer’s Roundtable (Q&A Article)Distinctly Montana; Spring 2011; pp. 58-63. (Designers Roundtable – PDF version)

Building a Life Together: Our Hawaii Years. Private client ghostwriting project; memoir booklet; Winter 2010-2011. Final work 28-page booklet.

2009-2010 – Hanisch focused on several ghostwriting projects during these years. Ghostwriting and writer-for-hire pieces are the property of her clients. Samples of client-owned work are available upon signature of a standard Non-disclosure Agreement. Contact Hanisch for more information.

Underground Gourmet: Culinary insights from a self-made Montana chef. Distinctly Montana; Spring 2009.

Climbing Lessons. Guideposts; December 2008; pp. 74-78.

More Than Restored: Historic Bozeman home remodeled to reflect period style with contemporary touchesAt Home; October 28, 2008; pp. 8-12.

Contra Luce: Livingston artist explores creativity and business under the Big SkyDistinctly Montana; Fall 2008; pp. 35-40.

Planning the foolproof perfect day (and other wedding myths)A Montana Wedding; 2008/2009; pp. 19-21.

Location, Location: Ceremonies, photo shoots, and honeymoon destinations that celebrate the land. A Montana Wedding; 2008/2009; pp. 23-26.

Useful Tips For Your Big DayA Montana Wedding; 2008/2009; pp. 31-33, 41-42.

Home Waters: Reclaimed log cabin honors family’s commitment to Twin Bridges propertyDistinctly Montana; Summer 2008; pp. 110-119.

The Heart of the Matter: Townhome at Legends resonates with owner’s personal valuesAt Home; June 10, 2008; pp. 16-18. (Cover Story)

Reinventions: Three local women share their stories of career and creativity.Balance; May 20, 2008; pp. 4-6. (Cover Story)

Homeward Migration: Remodeled Manhattan farmhouse honors family and regional historyAt Home; March 18, 2008; pp. 4-7.

Out of Hibernation: A Springtime PartyDistinctly Montana; Spring 2008; pp. 138-143.

Storybook Style: Backyard cottage pays homage to historic Bozeman home. At Home; February 19, 2008; pp. 4-7.

Spire and Ice: Bozeman women reach new heights in the winter backcountry.Balance; December 4, 2007; pp. 12-15 (Cover Story; Photos by Larry Lee)

A Sense of Permanence: Local stonemason transforms a Big Sky landmarkAt Home; November 27, 2007; pp. 15-19. (Cover Story)

Perfect Balance: Luxury Villa in Kelly Canyon blends expansive design and eleganceAt Home; October 30, 2007; pp. 16-21. (Cover Story)

Barn Raising: Couple’s area home a tribute to both heritage and landscapeAt Home; October 2, 2007; pp. 4-8

Night Driving: Book release from local author and climberOutside Bozeman; Winter 2007-08; p. 98.

Arts Roundup: Event recommendationsOutside Bozeman; Winter 2007-08.

Hank the Rock Gnome: Adventures from the register on Sacajawea PeakOutside Bozeman; Fall 2007; p. 90 (Illustrated by Sara E. Lee)

Creativity and Compassion Woven Together: Weaver teaches young women in AfricaBalance; September 11, 2007; pp. 4-7.

Planting Time: Facing mountain soil on mountain timeOutside Bozeman; Summer 2007; p. 28. (Illustrated by Sara E. Lee)

Travels of the Mind: A Yellowstone reading list to inspire summer adventure plansOutside Bozeman; Summer 2007; p. 73.

Rustic Appeal: Family creates a classic and innovative cabin retreatAt Home; May 15, 2007; pp. 16-22.

Earth Inspirations: Big Sky homeowner goes ‘green’ to help her daughter and the environmentMontana Magazine; May/June 2007; pp. 14-16.

Creative Vision: Family’s home far from the typical Big Sky retreatAt Home; January 23, 2007; pp. 16-21.

Gliding Friendship: A story for those who’ve tried to teach a friend. Outside Bozeman; Winter 2006-07; pp. 58-59.

Sun Ranch Land ManagementOutside Bozeman; Fall 2006.

Horses They Rode: Book releaseOutside Bozeman; Fall 2006.

Green Thinking: Intelligent design featured in healthy, efficient homeAt Home; October 3, 2006; pp. 15-19.

Lake Riding: Experience the spirit of motorcyclingDiscover the Lake Minnetonka Area; Summer 2005; pp. 34-35.

Form and Function: Shack Up brings modern touches to new Bozeman studio.At Home; July 13, 2004; pp. 12-15.

Monday Night Barrel Racing: Local Barrel racing event draws families togetherBalance; June 22, 2004; pp. 8-10.

Quilting in the Country: For master quilter Jane Quinn the craft is a way to build communityBalance; November 9, 2004; pp. 3-5.

Forging Art: Blacksmith Judy Baker shapes her own nicheBalance; December 7, 2004; pp. 3-5.

Ready to Ride: Yellowstone Harley Davidson offers beginning motorcycle class for women onlyBalance; July 20, 2004; pp. 8-10.

Family Style: Bridger Canyon home blends country and modern elementsAt Home; August 10, 2004; pp. 5-9.

White Buffalo Lodge: Livingston company taps into renaissance of Native American tipisAt Home, September 7, 2004; pp. 4-8.

Open Doors: MSU Women’s Center is a resource for the entire community.Balance; September 14, 2004; pp. 15-16.

The Labor Crunch: Local employers getting creative to deal with Bozeman’s tight job marketBusiness to Business; July 6, 2004; pp 10-12. (Co-written with Seabring Davis).

Self-made in Montana: Three local women find their own way in business and lifeBalance; April 27, 2004; pp. 4-6.

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