Book Coaching

Your Own Personal Writer’s Workshop

All genres are welcome.  I’ve coached a broad range of writers from historical fiction to fantasy, from inspirational to instructional.  In a Book Coaching partnership, you enjoy private writing instruction at your own pace during regularly scheduled 1-hour or 2-hour sessions.

All the topics offered through the workshop program may be explored in a coaching context as well.  But in a Coaching Session, the instruction is tailored to your own manuscript and personal goals.  Each session is based on review of an excerpt of your draft text.  Instead of group writing exercises in a workshop, you’ll receive assignments tailored to your unique revision needs.

Learn about:

  • Literary techniques that publishers watch for in a new author’s manuscript
  • Developing your personal writing voice
  • Balancing creativity and structure in your book writing journey
  • Making your writing come alive through sensory detail, metaphor, and layered meaning
  • The logistics of project management, filing systems, and crafting a coherent book structure
  • Publishing challenges and strategies

Coaching sessions may be purchased individually or at a discounted rate when purchasing a multiple-session package.  Many coaching clients attend a few Workshops as a “test drive” before committing to private Coaching.

Contact Hanisch directly to learn more about the best options for completing your book.
anika (at)


Student & Client Feedback

“I learned how to begin and how to proceed—now the fun really begins!”
– K. Jensen; Bozeman, MT

“Anika delivers constructive criticism that is packed with knowledge yet devoid of the discomfort that can sometimes come from having your work reviewed. This gentle approach to revision really helped me to open up and create a valuable working relationship with her over the years. Working with her has been a huge boost to my creativity!”
– N. Cohn; Seattle, WA

“As a first-time writing workshop attendee, this was very helpful and inspiring.   I liked having writing examples to look at, as well as discussing editing examples in my own work—very helpful.”
– Workshop Participant; Bozeman, MT

“I came here not totally committed (to writing a memoir). You stirred my pot, got me thinking, re-inspired me!”
– Workshop Participant; Bozeman, MT

“Discussing writing processes, how to get started and flesh out ideas and themes—all helpful to get started writing again. It was great to be around other writers, sharing ideas, different voices, and approaches to writing.”
– CC, Workshop Participant; Greater Gallatin Valley, MT