Client Testimonials

“Nothing gets past her. I have never worked with a copyeditor who is as thorough and efficient as Anika.”
– N. Cohn; Freelance Writer; Seattle, WA

“Working with Anika the past several years has been an outstanding experience. Not only is she an excellent writer and a very detailed copy editor, she also has exceptional organizational skills which made my job so much easier. Additionally, her friendly demeanor was such pleasure to work with even during times of high pressure and stressful deadlines.”
-Abigail Hernandez; Account Executive, Natural Health Industry

“It is refreshing to work with a professional like Anika who can give honest, constructive critique without sugar coating it.  All feedback from her, good or bad, has a purpose and she backs it up with detailed explanations. That is why she is my primary editor and writing coach for all my writing projects.”
– Troy Kechely, author of Stranger’s Dance and Lost Horse Park

“When I work with Anika, I know exactly what I’m going to get. First and foremost, she has excellent writing skills. The most impressive attribute Anika brings to the table is what the clients don’t see. She is incredibly resourceful in her research; her knowledge of laws and regulations in our industry is unmatched; and her ability to create readable and understandable content from highly scientific source information is truly a gift.”
– Leslie Atkinson; Account Executive, Natural Health Industry

“I have known Anika for the last 10 years. Not only is she a great writer, but a wonderful human being… an indispensable team player, whose continuous contributions brought focus and clarity to every endeavor. Her level of honesty and practical professionalism has always been a refreshing presence.

“As a writer, her creative writing skills in clarifying the complicated have been essential to the success in all our collaborative projects. I would highly recommend Anika to anyone seeking great writing, insightful solutions and an sincere dedication to excellence.”
– James Bennett
Founder, James Bennett Design