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Expertise in: Literary memoir; Instructional non-fiction; Historical fiction; Contemporary literary fiction; and Natural health.  (Jump to: Natural Products, Health & Wellness). 

You have a book idea, but you really don’t like writing.  Or maybe you simply haven’t got the time.  My past ghostwriting clients include: CEOs, entrepreneurs, non-profit directors, public speakers, and doctors.  I also work with individuals who wish to commit their memoir to paper as a private gift for loved ones.

Whatever the genre, in a full-service ghostwriting partnership, I’ll guide you through a collaborative writing journey:

1) Interviews:  We begin with at least six intensive interview sessions.  There are also ongoing fact-checking and revision review sessions throughout the draft-writing process. Communication is key.  Initial interviews should be in person.  Though later in the process, many interviews will be via phone and email.

2) First Draft:  Based on your interviews, I fashion a manuscript that reads well and is true to your personal voice.  I use a mix of interview transcription, literary techniques, industry standard book structures, and repeated fact-checking to craft this initial draft.

3) Revision Drafts:  We work together in a collaborative editing and revision process to hone your final draft.  This can involve three to five revision rounds.

4) Publication:  I’m happy to help you decide on a publishing option that is best for you, whether you pitch direct to small and mid-size presses, shop for an agent, or choose to self-publish.

Ghostwriters are paid for their efforts–typically a 30-50% deposit up front and either a final installment on completion or monthly billing for longer projects.  Because of that payment, you own the writing outright.  Only your name appears in the byline, and all potential royalties are yours.  Coauthoring is different from ghostwriting; it requires no payment up front, but requires split royalties later on.

Contact me directly to learn more about the best options for completing your book.
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Natural Products Niche

In addition to my literary work, I have ghostwritten and copy-written for manufacturers and health professionals in the natural product industry for ten years.

  • Full-length consumer and trade magazine features
  • BLOG entries and other web content
  • Educational books and booklets on preventive health, nutrition, specific natural products/ingredients, personal wellness and inspiration

From articles to whole books, I provide comprehensive ghostwriting services in the alternative health and complementary medicine industries. I’ve worked with over 40 natural product manufacturers and ghostwritten for their medical and nutrition spokespersons who wish to educate the public on specific health topics.

Established companies and industry professionals may inquire about these services through Carol Nicholson, who oversees all my work in the natural health world.  Nicholson’s company, IMC, can also provide full-service design, publishing, web, social media, video production, and marketing services.